My experience in Software Development without being a Developer – The Beginners Guide

I am not a programmer at all. I don’t even have the depth knowledge on Object oriented programming which is mandatory to jell with programmer’s society 😉 , who believes you are an as..ho.. if you have less or no knowledge on OOP (and off course to develop software).

With due respect to all those guys, just to let you know, in my last 10 years in IT industry I have developed more than 50 business applications/tools including CRM, HRM, Systems Monitoring tools, Business Workflows and many more, though it was not my primary role at all and having a few knowledge in OOP.

This article is for those who are still struggling in Software Development profession and who are really want to tap into this profession in future.

Understanding Customer’s Requirement – Apple is Apple

I believe this is one of the key criteria to be successful in Software Development.

  • Listen to the customer – YES I mean it.
  • Don’t plan how you will make it while listening (this is a common mistake what we all do), otherwise you may miss some important points
  • Ask question to dig the core problem and demand
  • Sit with the customer again after making the primary plan to describe what you have understood so far. Don’t just jump into the solution
  • Have a continuous feedback session in the development phase with the customer to make Apple as Apple not as Jackfruit!!
  • Don’t over promise
  • Be committed
  • Let the customer know in advance if any issue arise
  • Don’t hide problems to the customer

The Power of INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statement

I don’t know whether you will agree with me or not, these are the only core commands you should know to develop a database driven application. Every single application in the world which are using Databases are using three basic commands to view you a dynamic form. No matter what language or what platform they are using. So, learn how to do that.
For my case I use C# .net and MSSQL. Here are some tips how to deal with it:

How to open a Database Connection

using System.Data.SqlClient;
String strConn = “Data Source=SERVERNAME;Initial Catalog=DBNAME;User ID=USERID;password=PASSWORD;”;
SqlConnection objCon; objCon = new SqlConnection();
string strConn = “Data Source=SERVERNAME;Initial Catalog=DBNAME;User ID=USERID;password=PASSWORD;”;
objCon = new SqlConnection(strConn);

How to read data from a table

String strSQL = ” Select * from MYTable”;
SqlCommand objCMD; SqlDataReader objRST;
objCMD = new SqlCommand(strSQL, objCon);
objRST = objCMD.ExecuteReader();
if (objRST.Read())
MyTextBox.Text = objRST[“MYColumnName”].ToString();

How to insert data to a table

SqlCommand objCMD;
String strSQL = “insert into FileUpload(FileName,CD) values(‘ABC.pdf’,getdate())”;
objCMD = new SqlCommand(strSQL, objCon);

How to delete data from a table

SqlCommand objCMD;
strSQL = “Delete from FileUpload where FileID=’1′”;
objCMD = new SqlCommand(strSQL, objCon);

How to update data in a table

SqlCommand objCMD;
strSQL = “Update MYTable Set Column1=’1’ where FileID=’1′”;
objCMD = new SqlCommand(strSQL, objCon);

The Power of HTML and JavaScript

If you are developing web based application you should have some idea to write HTML code and also JavaScript. However nowadays most of the IDE generate HTML code from your drag and drop action so you can have some idea how HTML code should be written. Moreover, you need some idea on JavaScript to Track user end event like – Click, Key Press etc.

Have some idea on database programming

This is very important to learn – how can you do the database design based on user requirement. Because, at the end of the day it is actually playing with data which stores in Database.

Learn how to talk with Google

This is really a key skill you should have to get any problem’s resolution very quickly. You must know how to talk with Google search engine. For my case, Google is the one and only tool – I don’t even think about a moment without it now!!

Love the problem and love what you are doing

If you don’t treat a PROBLEM as an OPPORTUNITY and if you don’t passionate about coding, I believe you should leave your programming job as definitely it doesn’t work without enthusiasm.

Learn Business Language

Your customer don’t want to know whether you need to use .net or PHP, they just don’t even care about what internally you are doing to fulfill their requirement. They only want to see the ultimate outcome of the product that you deliver to them. So talk in their language and visualize finish product from their point of view.

I know most of the professional software developer will oppose few of my suggestions that I have stated here. As I have mentioned earlier I am not a programmer but in your IT profession, programming is a key skill which can make you a wizard in your organization. Hence I’ll encourage you all to gather some programming knowledge, I am sure it will help you in your day to day work.

Happy coding!!


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